Farmers want Agriculture Ministry to appoint Tea Board members to implement Tea Act

By Allan Wanjiku

Tea farmers from Kanyenyaini Kangema hands over their memorandum to tea activist Irungu Nyakera.

Tea farmers want Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya to appoint members of the newly introduced Tea Board of Kenya with immediate effect so as to implement the Tea Act.

The tea farmers drawn from Kanyenyaini, Kangema in a meeting with tea activist Irungu Nyakera on Sunday want the government of Kenya to start delivering the gains occasioned by the Tea Act citing the popular slogan that says ‘justice delayed is justice denied.’

They said government should ensure that they get 50 per cent of their tea sales starting this month.

According to Mr Nyakera who have been vocal in agitating for Tea and Coffee returns across the country, it is high time that Tea Act is implemented so that farmers who have suffered for a long time feels the effect of the new laws.

“Farmers have suffered for long, they want Cs Munya to implement the Tea act which reintroduces the Tea Board and dictates of 50 per cent of tea sales to farmers,” Mr Nyakera said.

To corner the KTDA’s habit of rushing to court to oppose the regulations, farmers through Nyakera have also proposed that the Attorney General must seek for consolidation of all KTDA funded court cases relating to tea and apply for a 3 judge bench to hear and determine the matter.

“Farmers want Cs to ask the Attorney General to seek for consolidation of all KTDA funded court cases relating to the Tea Act and then subject the consolidated case to a 3 judge bench who will be appointed by the Chief Justice,” said Nyakera.

He said Cs should also ensure that elections at the tea factories should happen next month to cure the current governance haps at various tea factories.

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