Irungu Nyakera, the cornerstone that was rejected by builders

By Joy Macharia

Mr Irungu Nyakera

Former Ps Irungu Nyakera’s efforts of fighting for farmers have continued yielding fruits and has now been added a new task by Agriculture Cs Peter Munya.

Like the biblical cornerstone that was rejected by builders, Nyakera who left government due to dark offices and undue interference by powerful crooks has been appointed in the taskforce members technical committee on the design, development and implementation of the tea industry price stabilization framework.

“It is notified for the general information of the public that the Cs Agriculture has appointed a taskforce of the Tea Industry Stabilization framework to be headed by Irungu Nyakera as the chair,” the notice read in part.

Others appointed include: Daniel Amanja, Nancy Laibuni, Eliud Mathu among others.

Mr Nyakera, described by many as sharp intelligent and visionary is expected to impact his vast knowledge on how tea prices should be stabilized given that he has been leading a Tea Lobby group which is recognized for bringing sanity and order in the fraudulent tea sector.

Nyakera since he left office as the Ps made it upon his duty to defend tea, coffee, avocado and sugar farmers who have been oppressed for ages.

Just recently, his initiative of fighting for the tea farmers attracted government that has been seeking his expertise to return river back to it’s course so that tea farmers enjoy m their sweat.

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