Irungu Nyakera, the modern day Norman Ernest

By Alex Njuguna

Mr Irungu Nyakera

Former Principal Secretary Irungu Nyakera is one of the vocal leaders in Kenya who has been advocating for Successful agricultural transformations.

Ably representing Norman Ernest Borlaug, an American Agricultural Scientist and humanitarian who was considered the father of modern agriculture and the father of green revolution, Nyakera is keen on having farmers put money in their pockets.

Just like Ernest whose efforts towards Agriculture sector were recognised by government and international institutions that saw him earn awards, government of Kenya too has seen Nyakera’s efforts.

This is attested by the State appointment that saw him being selected to head the tea sector and also the price committee.

Indeed leadership is the ability to give focus and vision to others, clearly identifying goals to which others also aspire, thus increasing productivity, efficiency, and impact, and this is clear in Irungu Nyakera’s vision.

Nyakera has demonstrated his prowess and capability at different capacities.

He has been visionary and practical and has agitated for the rights of small scale farmers in tea, coffee, sugarcane and now banana sector.

Leadership of small numbers of people can be as important as leading many hundreds or thousands of people. In fact, the leadership of a large or complex organisation cannot usually function well unless there are other leaders at a lower level able to implement the leader’s vision by leading smaller groups of people towards common goals and this fits well in Nyakera’s bid for governorship.

Keen on value addition and better pay for farmers, Nyakera on Saturday met 8 banana value addition women groups drawn from Maragua and Kigumo Constituencies.

Value addition has been a key factor in Irungu Nyakera’s vision on Agriculture

Although the groups make banana flour, they did not have market and the discussions were centered on that area.

Nyakera, a total orphan, who rose from grass to grace after growing from a tout, a teacher and a banker, the former Ps zeal and commitment has taken him to places.

From being ranked position 32 nationally in his KCSE, to joining Starehe and studying abroad at Stanford University, Nyakera has also dined with the mighty and worked in major sectors which included NIC bank as the Deputy Head of Investment before he served Jubilee government as a Ps.

He believes he will not just be crisscrossing Muranga to seek votes, but he is actively involved in uplifting the lives of farmers.

“The position of the governor will only compliment my efforts especially in Agricultural sector. We have the plan and ideas and we are implementing them out of office while at the office we will be able to deal with obstacles, that we are facing today ” he said.

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