Wakili Edward Muriu starts Pesa Mfukoni Initiative to triple dairy farmers’ earnings

By Allan Wanjiku

Wakili Edward Muriu with dairy farmers in Gatanga. He has supported the dairy sector through donations in his Pesa mfukoni initiative

Gatanga’s generous so Wakili Edward Muriu has intensified has economic uplifting programs geared at putting more money into peoples’ pockets, this time launching an ambitious Pesa Mfukoni Initiative to triple dairy farmers’ earnings.

Wakili Edward Muriu met on Thursday with farmers of Abberdare Dairy Cooperative where he donated semen tanks and high quality semens in order to improve their milk production ad quality dairy cows.

In a forum conducted at Mbugiti Karangi village in Gatanga Constituency, Wakili Muriu has also brought in the expertise from dairy farming experts to train farmers on the best modern farming practices.

Farmers receive tools of trade from Wakili Edward Muriu

The cheerful giver earlier this year, conducted a similar exercise where farmers received the same tools of dairy farming a move that has attracted more farmers to join the sector owing to harnessed production of milk and better wages.

Some of the farmers who earlier benefitted with the program has reported good progress in the farming skills and increased production of milk.

“For a very long time, we have engaged in traditional and unorthodox methods in dairy farming and we have not been receiving good returns, as a result of the training on modern farming practices, milk produce has gone high and we are getting more money, we call on more leaders to copy Wakili Muriu so that dairy farming becomes sweeter and sweeter,” a beneficiary, Ms Agnes Waithera said.

So far 9 Dairy cooperatives in Gatanga Constituecy have benefited from this initiatives touching over 10,000 families.

Other than the program, Wakili who many people think should be recognized for his empowerment programs, has also been supporting boda boda sector by training them on road safety and has helped immensely in the fight against Covid-19.

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