Allow bars to sell take aways, bar owners to government

By Allan Wanjiku

Muranga County Bar Owners Association chair Simon Njoroge alias Simo Wa Jogoo, the Association want the government to allow bars to operate for some hours.

Muranga County Bar Owners Association want government to allow bars to open for some hours or even sell ‘take aways’.

Led by their chairperson Simon Njoroge alias Simo Wa Jogoo, the traders aver that continued closure of bars have not only hit hard the stakeholders but has been a menace to country’s economy.

Only bars that have restaurants have been allowed to operate for minimal hours.

Mr Njoroge noted that most of the bar owners have been left to struggle to settle loans and to feed their families since the government has remained mum on the way forward for bars who only operate without selling food.

“The bars should be allowed to operate for two hours or even to operate by selling take aways. They have homes and paying loans and continued closure of bars will hit the economy hard,” he said.

At the same time, Mr Njoroge decried the unavailability of testing kits and the high cost of the few available onces calling on the government to provide them for free and lower the cost of thermal guns which they say are extremely expensive.

Speaking at Muranga town to members of press, the association also objected the government’s decision of hiking the tax for keg saying such efforts would revert the gains in the fight against illicit brew.

“The increment of tax for keg which is for the lowly income earners is a recipe for the return of Changaa. For now the tax should not be increased but can be re-looked after the pandemic,” Mr Njoroge said.

Mr Njoroge warned that increment of tax for keg was a recipe for return of Changaa

On her part. Triza Njeri a bar employee said life have become miserable for them as there are no alternative jobs and pleaded to government to allow them operate for few hours.

“We are suffering since we live in rental houses.
No money for food and rental and we urge government to hear our cry. Let them allow us reopen and allocate us only two hours,” she said

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