Gatanga lawyer’s plan to triple dairy farmers’ milk earnings

By Ndungu Gachane

Wakili Edward Muriu a lawyer and a philanthropist from Gatanga who has been helping his community from proceeds of his businesses

Dairy farmers from Gatanga are set to reap big after a lawyer from heaven came up with a program dubbed Dairy Farmers Support initiative that will see farmers receive semen, semen tank and over 1000 caliadra fodder seedlings to boost milk production.

This means that the dairy farmers will triple their earnings from their milk produce and put them more money in their pockets.

Mr Edward Muriu popularly known as Wakili Edward Muriu responded to the farmers appeal and decided to come up with the program which will compliment Muranga County Government’s efforts in stabilizing milk prices in the County where a litre goes for Sh35.

The philanthropist and Gatanga son, a commercial lawyer with over 27 years of practice has been giving back to the society where he has been engaged in uplifting the members of the society especially during this Coronavirus pandemic harsh economic times.

He has been instrumental in supporting the community affected by Covid-19 by supplying them with food stuff and cabbages from his farm

The Semen tanks and fodder tree seedlings distribution program is as follows Kiarutara and Mbugiti farmers will receive the produce on July 2, Kihumbuini and Kigoro on July 3, while Kirwara and Juhudi Highland areas will have their day on July 4.

“We are helping the dairy farmers to boost their milk produce in bid to cushion them during this harsh economic times, we must as leaders come up with ways where our people will get more money through their day to day activities because doing so is akin to giving them a fishing hook rather than giving them fish,” Mr Muriu told

The initiative according to Mr Muriu will bring down the cost of semen to Sh500 from Sh5000 a big relief to the farmers.

He says the program will benefit Gatanga farmers before rolling it out to Muranga County.

Mr Wakili Muriu started and runs one of the largest law firm in East Africa MMC ASAFO with over 50 lawyers with over 100 support staff. There are also offices in Africa and Europe.

He takes pride in the Safaricom IPO which turned out great and he is also attributed to the drafting of the famous Hawkers Bill for Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria.

Wakili Edward Muriu believes in giving.

Other than being a legal expert, the ambitious lawyer is also an accomplished horticultural farmer where he grows flowers and vegetables for export with over 500 employees.

A jack of all trades and a philanthropist, Mr Muriu believes in giving and sharing saying it is a sure bet of attracting God’s blessings.

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1 year ago


Anthony Muhindi
Anthony Muhindi
1 year ago

The man with a midas touch. Keep up the good work.

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