MCA strikes a deal for increased avocado farm gate price

By Allan Wanjiku

Mathioya Avocado Farmers with Kiru MCA Morris Thuku after visiting one of the leading avocado exporter. They struck a deal to increase the price by Sh9 shilling

Avocado farmers from Kiru ward have a reason to smile after their MCA negotiated for increased prices of their produce by Sh9.

This means that the avocado which currently cost each at Sh11 will now cost Sh20 effective July this year.

This was after Kiru Ward MCA Morris Thuku in conjunction with Mathioya Avocado Sacco officials visited the farmers main avocado exporter he Keitt exporters near Citicabanas and struck the deal.

Mr Thuku said the deal was a major reprieve for farmers especially during the Covid-19 pandemic where people have been hit hard.

“I’m glad that our intervention bore fruits, the increased price will help our farmers get more money during this hard time,” he said.

He said they also had an opportunity to discuss future collaborations on farmers’ education to improve their farming practices and as a result produce high quality fruits which shall translate to better earnings.

Mr Thuku known for his articulation of issues and defense of his peoples’ plight however cautioned farmers to hold harvesting of Hass avocados for three weeks so as to attain maximum prices as the world avocado price is expected to rise.

Staff of the Keitt avocado exporter taking Ms Thuku and his delegation through their premises.

I urge farmers to understand that they should harvest Fuete and not Hass at this point because the farm gate prices of Hass is expected to rise but when they harvest their produce at this time, they will not enjoy the fruits of their sweat,” he said.

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