Muranga youth join hands to establish a strong lending Sacco in Muranga

By Allan Wanjiku.

Mr Chris Mwangi chairperson for Muranga County Bunge Sacco. The Sacco has a loan portfolio of Sh8.5 million.

Any time the the word youth is mentioned, one expects to hear or read about unemployment, drug abuse or social vices in Kenya.

But some youth in Muranga led by Mr Chris Mwangi decided to wake up from their comfort zone and instead of crying foul to government they joined some of their old mentors and established a Sacco that has uplifted the lives of many in Muranga.

The Sacco known as Muranga County Bunge Sacco (MCB) formed by Muranga locals in 2012 from their personal contributions have seen people get products like Agriculture, business booster loans, Gpange loans and Emergency loans.

The Sacco registered under the Ministry of Cooperative as a deposit taking Sacco lends three times of member’s savings.

Mr Mwangi says the youth joined hands with the old and started to contribute amongst themselves in bid to establish a strong formidable Sacco that has changed lives through its friendly incentives to its members.

“We decided to wake up from the norm and join our fathers and mothers to create a solace to people in Muranga instead of always badmouthing our government that it is not offering us jobs,” Mr Mwangi told our business desk.

The Sacco boasts of having a loan portfolio of Sh8.5 million with many of its shareholders being the youth who are in businesses.

Mr Mwangi the chairperson of the Sacco urges the locals to take advantage of its favourable products to do businesses and agricultural projects to turn around their lives.

“We encourage locals to visit our offices at Kiriaini main stage next to former Mathaai Supermarket building for more details,” Mr Mwangi said.

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