A Sub-County in Muranga marked Covid-19 high risk area as man  died of Coronavirus is buried

The burial of Covid-19 victim in Koimbi village of Kahuro Sub-County Muranga County on May 28. Area Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner Wilberforce Kilonzo has urged members of public not to stigmatize with the family as they had not interacted with him

By Joyce Macharia

As the fight against Coronavirus continues, the National Government has classified Kahuro-Sub-County of Kiharu Constituency as a Covid-19 high risk area with locals being urged to be on high alert.

The National Government through the area Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Wilberforce Kilonzo said the area’s high potential in agricultural activities exposes its residents at a higher risk of contracting the disease, due to their movement in and out of Kahuro and their interaction with people from different areas.

“There are many business people moving to and from Nairobi on daily basis to buy and deliver fresh milk, the Sub-County has 22000 dairy farmers who must meet as they deliver milk at the various collection centers. There is also enhanced movement of people who buy fruits such as avocado and bananas as well as poultry and pork products,” Mr Kilonzo said.

He added that the 8000 tea farmers from the Sub-County who meet at the tea buying centers creates a conducive environment for the transmission of the deadly disease.



Kahuro DCC Wilberforce Kilonzo. He has classified Kahuro Sub-County as a high risk Covid-19 area and urged locals to be on high alert

Further, the DCC stated that now that coffee farmers have started harvesting their produce, close to 25,000 coffee farmers will be leaving their farms to the various tea factories to deliver their produce.

Mr. Kilonzo said that if farmers and residents of Kahuro Sub County fail to observe the Ministry of Health protocols of wearing face masks, social distancing and hygiene, the coronavirus could spread fast across the Sub-county due to the underlying factors.

While cautioning the public, the Deputy County Commissioner stated that those found flouting the regulations any further will be arrested and charged in court.

The administrator distributed facemasks from the National Government to the vulnerable persons in the entire Sub County.

The alert comes barely a day after a 70-year old man from Koimbi village in the same Sub-County was buried after contracting the disease with Mr Kilonzo urging the residents not to stigmatize the family as the deceased lived in Nairobi and had not mingled with his family members in Koimbi.

“The deceased was also suffering from Diabetes and contracted Covid-19 at Nairobi where he had gone to seek treatment, he had only interacted with his relatives in Nairobi and had not mixed with his rural family, I urge the community not to stigmatize with his family since that would create more problems with the grieving family,” he added.


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