Bhang consignment worth Sh5 million from Ethiopia nabbed at Makuyu police road block

By Allan Wanjiku
A land cruiser vehicle ferrying bhang estimated to be worth Sh5 million. Two people were also arrested at Makuyu road block
Police in Muranga have nabbed bhang estimated to be worth Sh5 million at Makuyu road block along Nyeri- Nairobi highway and two people who ferried the illegal drug arrested.
Bhang consignment which was nabbed at Makuyu police road block. It remains unlcear how the vehicle passed all the other road blocks from Isiolo.
Muranga County Commander Josephat Kinyua said the 80 bales of bhang were being transported from Ethiopia by a notorious drug trafficker operating from Isiolo and who has been on the police watch list.
The police boss said one of the suspects had a fake job ID card indicating that he is a nurse at Isiolo County.
“Two of them are now detained at Makuyu police station waiting to be aligned in court next week. One is aged 62 years and the other had a fake job ID card indicating that he works in the health department in Isiolo a well thought out plan to beat the police road blocks,” Mr Kinyua said. 
A fake ID card displayed by one of the two suspects arrested while ferrying marijuana. The two have been detained at Makuyu police station and will be arraigned in court next week.
But it remains unclear how the two suspects who were transporting marijuana with a land cruiser were able to pass all the other police barriers from Isiolo to Makuyu where there are estimated to have about 13 police barriers who are manning roads to ensure there is no movements as efforts to contain Covid-19 pandemic.
The two suspects however carried with them Sh190,000 which they could have carried to bribe police officers along the road all the way from Isiolo only for them to meet the dead end at Makuyu road block.
The bhang was only covered by canvas which could have been easier for other police officers to notice.

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