Former Muranga Assembly clerk buried an year after his death

A photo of Muranga County Assembly. The clerk who swore the MCAs in the first Assembly, Peter Ndegwa Mbui has been buried an year after he was beheaded.

By Ndungu Gachane

A former Muranga County Assembly clerk and Senatorial aspirant Peter Ndegwa Mbui has finally been buried an year after meeting his death in the murder most foul.

The former Assembly official met his death in July 2019 after his son allegedly beheaded him over a family dispute.

Police later arrested the prime suspect a 29-year-old son of the 59-year old man who had settled in Nanyuki after failing to clinch the Senatorial seat in Muranga in 2013 elections.

The suspect, is said to have beheaded his father Peter Ndegwa then carried the severed head in a bucket and paraded it outside the estate in Nanyuki town.

The deceased had a wealthy of experience after initially working as an accountant at Laikipia and Kericho before moving to Murang’a County Assembly.

He had the honour and the privilege of swearing in the MCAs in the first Assembly.

Muranga County Assembly. The deceased had a wealthy of experience after working in various defunct local authorities.

After the tragedy and even before healing from the loss of their beloved one, the family differed on where the deceased could be buried and filed a suit in court a reason for the delay for the burial ceremony.

The man was buried on Wednesday in Kangari village of Kigumo Constituency.

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