How Wandutu’s date with pregnant teens made heads roll for administrators

Wa Ndutu during a meeting with underage pregnant teens

By Ndungu Gachane

Ahadi Kenya boss Stanley Kamau alias Kamau Wa Ndutu’s date with pregnant teenagers has made heads roll.

Mr Kamau met with over 20 pregnant teenagers at Kagunduini Kandara last week and within three days, the County Commissioner Mohammed Barre held a round table meeting with the 8 Deputy County Commissioners and Muranga Women Representative Wanjiru Chege to discuss the rising cases of teenage pregnancies in the County.

Our sources reveal that the Kagunduini matter reached to one of the top offices in the country and directed for an emergency meeting to deal with the matter.

Mr Kamau Wa Ndutu is a special advisor to First Lady Margret Kenyatta at the Beyond Zero campaign.

The anti jigger crusader is also a director at Kenyatta National Hospital and is usually consulted by high powered government officials in various emerging and topical issues around the country.

On Monday, the provincial adminstration met at Muranga County Commissioner’s meeting and deliberated the matter and resolved to come up with a Multi Agency Team Against Teenage Pregnancies which will be tasked with among other tasks compiling a list or under age sexual offenders.

The team which will be formed at every administrative unit in Muranga will also be visiting the pregnant teenagers with a view of registering them with Linda Mama, a program that will see the teenagers deliver free at the hospitals.


Sabina Chege met Muranga provincial leaders after Wa Ndutu’s meeting

Speaking after a two- hour meeting, the County Commissioner faulted the earlier report that indicated that there were over 4000 cases in Muranga saying there was only 183 registered cases in a data availed by Deputy County Commissioners.

He also dismissed claims that the pregnancies were as a result of Covid-19 pandemic saying the cases rage between 5th to 8th months but Coronavirus was only 4 months old in Kenya.

“The data talking of 4000 is astronomical we only have 183 registered cases and are currently in court,” the County Commissioner said.

In her part Ms Chege said the sex offenders will be dealt with ruthlessly and mercilessly.

She has been instrumental for calling for review of the controversial Mumbi Ngugi ruling on castration of sexual offenders.

“All men defiling minors should have their organs removed while women who lure minors to sex should have their genitals sealed, this is one of the so many ways to arrest the situation before it gets out of hand,” she said.



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