Mp Jude Njomo says many Kenyans in isolation centers have wrong Covid-19 results

By Mwangi Matemo
Mp Jude Njoki. He says many Kenyans could be in isolation centers for wrong Covid-19 results

Kiambu Mp Jude Njomo wants the Ministry of Health to establish standard results of COVID-19 patients.

The Legislator said standardization of results was the only sure way to get the actual information on the number of patients in Kenya

The MP gave a classic example of his late mother Margret Njomo, 82  who tested positive of COVID-19 on June 10, only for another test conducted by another pathologist on June 11 to turn out negative.

The deceased was later buried hurriedly at 8 pm when it was raining in bid to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines.

“We want to know which standard we are going to follow so that when Cs Mutahi Kagwe issues his daily brief telling the nation that five people are infected, we as a nation know that those people are actually affected and not figures that are being fabricated,” he said.

He expressed  how family members were subjected to quarantine as they had come into contact with their mother but after samples were taken they were found negative of COVID-19.

“The family members who were put in quarantine were supposed to be doing their daily duties but they were subjected to quarantine due to a misdiagnosis of COVID-129 on my mother since they were in contact with her before she passed on,” he lamented.

The legislator said the disease is highly contagious but wondered how his family members who had come into contact with their mother tested negative.

The MP has since appeared before the Parliament Health Committee which is headed by Muranga women representative Sabina Chege and narrated about his family ordeal.

He claimed that  Kenyans have been misdiagnosed with the virus, and that many are suffering in quarantine centers over wrong results and the carelessness in the laboratories conducting the COVID-19 tests.

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