Muranga MCA ventures in sewing mats for sale

Nominated Muranga MCA Wangari Kigo. She has ventured a business of sewing mats

By Ndungu Gachane

Muranga MCA has found fortunes in sewing mats where she uses her bare hands and needle for the handicraft of decorative sewing.

The Nominated MCA Wangari Kigo says she has decided to venture in the lucrative business where she sews one in a week.

In an exclusive interview with the MCA says she decided to venture into the business to earn extra money especially after Covid-19 pandemic hit the country disrupting businesses of the County Assembly and to kill boredom brought about by Covid-19.

Most of the MCAs and Members of Parliament derive huge amounts of money from committee sittings, allowances from meetings outside their areas of jurisdiction but that has since been disrupted by the pandemic.

With the disruption of Assembly’s business, Ms Kigo decided to start sewing mats a business she says is picking and have decided to share her story.

Ms Kigo says she sews a sack in a week but with experience she can do 3

“I sew one mat in one week, one cost Sh2000 but with experience I can do 3, supposing I’m able to sew 3 mats this implies that I will be having Sh6000 a week which translates to Sh24000 on monthly basis,” she says.

She adds that when one is not able to buy a mat one can improvise a sack (gunia) and this will not affect the price.

Ms Kigo adds that a sack can also be used when one is not able to get the mats

She adds that other than doing it for money, the venture has helped her to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines.

“I’m happy because by sewing I obey the government’s directives in an activity that makes me earn money,” she says.

The Nominated MCA who is also a hit gospel artist has called on Kenyans to embrace Covid-19 abnormalities to adjust in their way of life and to utilize their time well in a meaningful activities.

” I call on Kenyans to learn how to live with the disease and to utilize their time well in an activity that will bring joy and money to them and their families, she advised

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