Nine year old minor in the list of 33 pregnant teenagers in Gatanga

Some of the pregnant teenagers who had a meeting with Kamau Wa Ndutu

By Ndungu Gachane

A 9-year old girl is among the 33 pregnant minors in Gatanga Sub-County, Muranga Women Representative Wanjiru Chege has announced.

The furious County Mp announced the sad news after leading a team to Ithanga. The team is known as Muranga County Emergency Committee Against Teenage Pregnancies, a committee that has been created at every single administrative unit to address the ballooning number of teen pregnancies in the County.

The multi agency team will have its members derived from stakeholders form health, education, Children Department, National Police Service, Judiciary and NGOs.

Ms Chege says Gatanga Sub-County is the most notorious region in the County as it was the one leading with defilements that has led to the high number of teen pregnancies in the County.

While narrating about the incident, Ms Chege who doubles up as the chairperson for Health Committee at the National Assembly said her foundation will facilitate all the victims to go back to school by paying for their fees and their personal upkeep.


Muranga Women Rep Sabina Chege. She said among the thirty three teenage pregnancies in Gatanga, one was a minor

“When the team addressing the issue visited Ithanga of Gatanga region, the 9 – year old minor was among the thirty three who were brought to us, this is a dangerous trend and we must collaborate to fight the vice,” she said.

She added that her office has struck a deal with Fida, a federation that defends the rights of women and children to provide lawyers who will defend the victims from their defilers in court.

“My office in partnership with Fida will hire lawyers to help victims fight their rights in court as well as to fast truck the cases in courts,” She added.

Ms Chege advised all parents with pregnant teenagers to record the cases with area chiefs so that they may have a real and accurate data of the cases in the County and for the purposes of helping them.

She noted that through the help of various partners, a rescue center will be established in Muranga to provide safe havens for the defiled kids who have been rejected by their families or rescued from early marriages.

They will then develop a list of shame for the ‘he goats’ to block them from accessing jobs and warning the potential defilers from engaging in the vice.

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