Update: Drama as Health officers goes to bury a covid-19 victim without protective gears

By Ndungu Gachane




Locals state at a coffin which was bought by the family of a victim who died of Covid-19. The deceased had been brought by Thika health officers with a body bag but they had no protective gears
Fear, confusion and panic has gripped Githunguri village of Kangema Muranga as the body of a  Covid-19 victim was abandoned after locals rejected health officials calls to take the body to the grave site.
The body which was from Thika and brought by health officials from Liambu County was abandoned as the health officials had no personal protective gears.
According to locals, things went hay wire when the health officials pleaded with locals to take the body to the gravesite but the locals declined for fear of contracting the disease from the deceased.
A neighbour told KK Online News that the body was abandoned with a body bag with drama unfolding even after health officials from Muranga arrived without the protective gears.
“The road leading to the grave site could not be accessed by the hearse that carried the remains of the victim, the health officers urged locals to take the body to the gravesite but since we had no protective gears and owing to the danger we refused, after a drama of about 5 hours the Kiambu officials threatened to go back with the body,” a source told KK Online News.
The family also protested the idea of burying their relative without a coffin which they later bought.

A hearse that carried the remains of a Covid-19 victim
Muranga County Health CEC Joseph Mbai told KK Online News that Kiambu Health department was to blame for the mishap since they had not carried with them the PPEs and had not notified the County government for prior preparation.
“We were not even aware that they were to being the body, the arrangement was that they could bring the remains of the 51-year old deceased on Saturday, never the less, we are on top of things and o shall ensure that the deceased is buried,” he said.
Locals and police officers gaze at a distance to see what next after health officers refused to take the deceased to the gravesite
While the body arrived at 3pm, the burial without ceremony was conducted at 10:30pm.

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