Why Kamau Wa Ndutu want some Muranga leaders subjected to mental test

By Ndungu Gachane


Mr Kamau Wa Ndutu (center) with Maragua Mp Mary Waithira and Environment CAS Mohammed Elmi. Mr Kamau want some leaders in Muranga to undergo mental test

Ahadi Kenya boss Stanley Kamau want the government to have some leaders in Muranga undergo a mental test.

The anti-jigger crusader says a section of leaders have denied the fact that there are teenagers who are pregnant especially after meeting with over 20 pregnant minors at Kagunduini of Kandara Constituency.

He said the leaders who do not want to confront the reality should undergo a mental test before their criticize him for visiting the pregnant teens.

Speaking at Punda Milia when he presided over a function to donate food and fruit trees to locals, Mr Kamau wanted the leaders to understand that he did not just wake up and decided to visit Kandara saying he was only a messenger who received instructions from some of the very powerful offices in this country and that upon the return of the same, actions has been taken.

“The reason why the leaders must be checked on the mental status to know who is telling the truth between me and them, they need to understand that I did not direct myself at Kandara someone some where sent me and I handed the report back and that’s why you see heads rolling,” he said.

He recounted how some leaders were resistant to the fact that jiggers had ravaged Muranga but after waking up from slumber land, the menace was fought collectively.

Muranga County Commissioner Mohammed Barre. He refuted the number given by Stanley Kamau of over 20 underage girls from Kandara

Kandara MP Alice Wahome has been in the forefront dismissing Wandutu’s narrative of 20 underage girls saying out of the 20 girls paraded by the anti jigger crusader only four were under 18 promising to continue announcing more revelations.

Kandara MP Alice Wahome she says the number of underage pregnant girls is fake since out of 20, only four were under 18

“The report by DCC and police is ready. Of the 20 girls paraded by Kamau Wa Ndutu only 4 are under 18, the rest are 18 to 21, more revelations to come,” she said.

Muranga County Commissioner also dismissed the issue saying one teen whose age was reported to be 14 was actually 24.

He also faulted the report saying the number was too high.

But even as Ms Wahome and Mr Barre rejects the report, Muranga Women Rep Wanjiru Chege has already met with 33 pregnant teens in Gatanga.

Wa Ndutu is an advisor to First lady Margret Kenyatta at the Beyond Zero campaign and he is also the Director at Kenyatta National Hospital.

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