Youth cooks for police officers at Blue Post Road Block

By Oscar Kanyoro.
Muranga County Police Commander Josephat Kinyua enjoys the meal from a youth group.
A group of youth from Kandara Constituency of Muranga County have cooked food for police officers manning  Thika road block as a gratitude sign for their devotion and sacrifice in containing the Covid-19 pandemic.
The group identified as country wide Kenya said it was a long time since the police ate food from home since they have been manning the roadblock to ensure people do not cross the border.
They cooked meat, rice, chapati among other delicacies.
Led by Persy Njeri, the group said although the officers’ efforts go unnoticed, they are the heroes and heroines who sacrifice their lives for the sake of Kenyans.
Ms Njeri who is a nominated MCA in Muranga County Assembly said police officers’ profession is a calling since not many people would sacrifice their way of life, their children and friends to work for the country.
“This is a calling, not many people would sacrifice just for the masses, if it were a section of  people they could have resigned and ventured into business but because it is a calling, the gallant officers have continued to brace for cold and rains to man the roadblocks,” she said.
On his part, Gabriel Githenya urged locals to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines and obey the police officers manning the blocks instead of playing hide and seek with them.
“If we obey the police we shall have a peaceful coexistence with them and they shall respect us,” Mr Githenya said.
He said the group has been visiting the vulnerable to offer them food but decided to remember the officers to honour and acknowledge their efforts in the fight against CoronaVirus.
“We have also been going to the homes of the less fortunate but we have decided to also visit the police and cook for them as sign of showing them they are appreciated by Kenyans,” he said.
Mr Christopher Gitau urged the youth to relate with the police in a respectable manner and stop provoking them.
A police officer receives food from the youth during Madaraka day celebrations. They cooked food to recognize their efforts and as a thank you note for securing the borders.


“We should not provoke the police while performing their job, let’s interact with them well and they will respect us too,” he said.

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