Its gangs that attacked each other not our guards, Delmonte

By Ndungu Gachane



Delmonte Kenya Limited has exempted its guards with attacking and directing their trained dogs to maul gangs who were stealing their pineapples.

According to the fruit processing company, their guards did not attack or fight the ‘thieves’ as earlier claimed by the victims saying there were two sets of gangs fighting each other over the opportunity to steal ripe pineapples.

“On the night of October 26, our security guards while on patrol in one of our plantations in Muranga County, encountered two gangs of pineapple thieves fighting each other over the opportunity to steal ripe pineapples from our farm,” a statement from the company read in part.

The company claims that upon being confronted by their guards, the gangs scampered seat leaving behind five individuals who were then handed over to Ngati police station.

The company maintain that their guards acted within the law and that they do not condone any type of criminal behavior.

They also says they are ready and willing to cooperate with the authorities to have the issue clarified.

“If required we shall fully cooperate with authorities to have this issue clarified,” the said in a statement dispatched to media houses.

Earlier on, a self confessed pineapple thief Mr Stephen Mburu Gichira accused the company of assaulting him and leaving him for dead for stealing the fruits.

Mr Mburu, his sister tools our desk fainted and guards thought he was dead and dumped him in an open field while they handed over the rest victims to Ngati police station.

“My brother was left for dead, after a long search we found him lying helpless in a field at Methi village where we had been directed by a Delmonte guard whom we identify as Wachira,” Ms Jane Waceera told our desk.

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