Muwasco to have the first ever water testing and treatment lab in Africa

By Joy Macharia

Muwasco team led by Daniel Nganga and Can Do Kids international leaders led by Karanja Mburu Wamatangi connect a main pipe at Kariciungu mega water tank

Muranga Water and Sanitation Company Muwasco) will become the only Country in Africa with a water treatment and testing laboratory that meets international standards.

This is after an American based charity organization Can Do Kids partnered with the water firm to improve the local laboratory to attain the international standards.

The lab will not only ensure clean safe drinking water but will also see the water company raise its revenue since other water companies will be knocking to have their water tested.

Muwasco’s Managing Director Daniel Nganga says the only accredited testing lab in the region is located in Nyeri but with the improvement of Muwasco’s lab, they will not be relieved of going to Nyeri, but they will also open doors to other countries in African continent to visit Muranga for water testing.

“We are excited for the partnership, it will expose our staff to learn best on water treatment and this will develop their career,” Engineer Nganga said.

Can Do Kids International Kenya director Karanja Mburu Wamatangi said the partnership between the organization and the water firm started a year a go with an aim of ensuring that the firm is assisted in engaging their water connectivity and also having quality water for human consumption.

He added that the organization is working with US based Universities to see to it that the program materializes.

Wamatangi who has been lobbying for development projects in Kenya added that other than improving the laboratory, the organization is also constructing four mega tanks in Kabuta, Muchungucha, and Gikuu areas.

The tanks will enable the water firm to connect more than 40000 households with clean water.

Wamatangi, Lapset Director has also been constructing tanks for schools to help in hygiene and to give pupils ample time for learning as opposed to carrying water with jericans from their homes.

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