Beware: How criminals use ‘devils’ breath’ drug along Muranga town streets to steal from locals

By Alex Njuguna

Mary Muthoni Chege. A victim who lost her school fees and other valuables in Muranga town.

As Mary Muthoni approached Equity Bank in Muranga town last week, hoping to deposit her school fees, she was approached by relatively smart man.

In her innocence, respectful and humble nature, she stopped and to her enthusiasm, the man introduced himself as a televangelist who regularly nourishes Christians with spiritual food in one of the local television networks.

As the introductions went on, the two were approached by another woman who with a lot of thanks, claimed to know the priest having been helped by him to overcome serious life challenges she had gone through.

With the confidence that had been generated by the woman, the priest urged Muthoni to escort them and followed them like a sheep.

That was how Muthoni lost her school fees, phones and other personal items not by force though but she ‘voluntarily’ gave them out after they inhaled her the ‘devil’s breath’ a potent drug that turns a person into a complete zombie.

The drug known as scopolamine is far worse than stilnox ‘mchele’ since it knocks you unconscious and sometimes leads to death.

The drug is considered as one of the most dangerous chemicals in the world and is derived from a particular tree common to South America.

When the drug enters the bloodstream, it immediately affects the brain, turning a normal human being into an auto suggestible hypnotized subject who believes and obeys anything they hear.

The drug should be used by medics for surgical procedures and trades by the name Transdermal Scopolamine but in the wrong hands the drug he been used to commit bizarre criminal acts.

However, in the criminal world, when a tiny amount of Devil’s Breath is blown into the face of an intended victim, it makes them do whatever they are commanded including empty their bank account, engaging in sexual acts or even donating a kidney.

Muthoni had hoped to deposit the school fees ti be back in class but she ended up losing her phones and other personal items

Scopolamine is odourless and tasteless, which makes it difficult to detect, and can be blown in the face of a passerby on the street and within minutes, the victim is under the influence. Victims can thereafter be guided wherever the criminals want and because it completely wipes out memory, victims have no recollection of what happened, which makes it difficult to apprehend the culprits.

When Muthoni reported the matter at Muranga police station, she was informed that so many other similar cases have been reported at the station.

Police have launched a man hunt to the suspects but before they are apprehended. Be ware

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