Beware of a kidnapping gang in Mathioya

By Ndungu Gachane

A resident of Mathioya shares her encounter with kidnappers

A section of residents from Mathioya Constituency of Muranga County have complained of kidnapping cases.

The victims who shared their ordeal in the hands of kidnappers say the three masculine men and a woman lure them in their car for a lift only to force them to demand money from their relatives and later dump them in far flung areas before stealing their phones.

They said the thieves call their prey by name and lure them for a lift but upon getting in the car, the thieves slap them hard and demand them to ask for money from their relatives to buy their freedom.

The victim Lucy Wairimu said the gang comprises of three men and a woman

“They are ruthless, they beat their prey mercilessly and order them to demand money from their relatives, I’m a victim I had to ask money from my friends and relatives to a tune of Sh100000,” a victim shared her ordeal.

The four victims who separately fell in the hands of kidnappers said the thieves are hovering around Muranga Kiriaini road and the Kiriaini Othaya road with a Fielder and Premio car.

However Mathioya police boss Pauline Mwangi told that there is no victim who has reported the matter to the police.

The victim narrated how the gang force them to get money from families and friends.

“We are not aware of the so called kidnapping gangs, when one encounters such a case, they should report the matter for police to take action,” she advised.

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