Beware of imposters guising as music copyright society of Kenya officers working with police to defraud locals

By Ndungu Gachane

Mr Robert Mwangi Kuria. He was charged at a Wanguru court for being an imposter

Imposters guising as officials of Music Copyright Society of Kenya are working in cahoots with police officers to defraud unsuspecting traders in Muranga.

The imposters demand colossal amount of money to traders who play music at their premises and can even fetch between Sh50000 to Sh60000 per day.

They have been making rounds in Kangema, Maragua, Muranga town and they have now set their base in Kenol.

To make the matters more worse, one of the imposters by the name of Robert Mwangi Kuria has been charged by a Wang’uru based court and was convicted for one year in jail or a fine of Sh100000 for impersonating as an officer working with music copyright society of Kenya.

On February 2019, a suit in Kangema law courts under Senior Principal Magistrate PM Kiama had to terminate a case after the DPP learnt that Mr Kuria was an imposter.

Documents showing how DPP withdrew charges filed by imposter Kuria guising as an officer from MSCK

The most interesting bait and the most worrying at the same time is the fact that the cons who use a pro box and a maloon car carries out an illegal crackdown using the very same police officers who should arrest the fraudsters.

The traders upon arrest, part away with money to buy their freedom and those who refuse are taken to court but the fraudsters do not turn up to court to defend their case.

On Monday, the cons led by Mr Kuria camped in Kangema where they continued to con people but some enlightened members put up a strong case at Kangema police station recorded a statement accusing of the group of conning them.

They were never taken to court, they were released unconditionally but on Tuesday they first reported at Maragua police station where they were given police officers to advance their conning agenda.

One of the letter the fraudsters leave in premises.

They arrested a number of people but a group of journalists rushed at the police station where they informed the police officers that the group was not genuine.

Even after the scribes notified the police bosses that some Kenyans had recorded their complaint at Kangema police station, they let the fraudsters walk majestically out of the police station.

Luckily all the arrested people were released but come Wednesday, the group camped at Saba Saba police station to get other officers to defraud unsuspecting traders. has reached out to the chairman of MCSK Mr Lazurus Muli who has denounced the group saying his officers do not even work with police.

He said the group consists of imposters who should be in court answering impersonation charges.

“They are imposters giving police officers money to help them defraud Kenyans, whenever they are located we should be informed to bring them to book,” he said through a phone interview.

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Denis Irungu
1 year ago

I am a victim to the imposter. Thanks to KK ONLINE NEWS for helping me out with the court case. It is almost over.

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