Boda boda riders claim they cant trace fundraiser money donated by Dr Ruto

By Ndungu Gachane

A section of Kangema Boda Boda riders. They claim they were swindled by people who opened an account to receive Dr Ruto’s harambee money.

Fury, mistrust and betrayal has engulfed a section of boda boda riders in Kangema who now accuse strangers of receiving money from the Deputy President William Ruto on their behalf and getting away with the cash.

Dr Ruto graced the tensed fundraiser at General Kago stadium in Kangema on October 30 under the escort of a host of Tanga Tanga MPs led by Kiharu’s Ndindi Nyoro and his Kandara counterpart Alice Wahome.

The Deputy President and his entourage contributed Sh2.8 million that is now the center of controversy, cause of division and bad blood amongst the riders.

They now allege that a few of them opened an account a day before the fundraiser without involving the group and that after the fundraiser, they can’t be traced.

The agitated members want their money back and have pleaded with Mps Wahome and Nyoro to intervene and ensure they receive what they describe as rightfully theirs.

“We want the two Muranga MPs to intervene and ensure our money is back, we were shortchanged by people who opened an account behind our back,” the angry riders told the pressmen.

At the same time, the riders have decried what they term as being used politically by a section of greedy lot who they accuse of using the good name of Boda Boda to extort money from politicians.

They said people well known to them went round jotting their names down only to use their names to get the huge chunks of money.

“They registered our names and used us for fools, they want to enrich themselves with the money that ought to uplift the living standards of Kangema riders, this is unfortunate and sad,” they lamented.

This is the second time Dr Ruto’s fundraiser money to the riders is bringing controversy and bad blood amongst the members after the Kitengela incident where members accused their Sacco Officials of ‘eating’ their Sh750000 from Dr Ruto’s kind and heavy pockets.

Before the harambee, Muranga County Cooperative Chief officer Mr Bernard Wanyoike had met the Boda Boda Saccos in Kangema and took them through processes of conducting a fundraiser.

“A meeting must be first called to members and decision to hold such a fundraiser is raised and approved, the Cooperative department is involved and the fundraiser money is given a name and members also must agree what to do with the money even before the harambee is conducted,” he had told therm.

He also took issue in the manner in which the spirit of Cooperative movement in Muranga was dying thanks to Dr Ruto’s Sacco Harambee.

“We had Clergy Sacco, Former Councillors Sacco, the Tamco Sacco and the now the Boda Boda Sacco, all the Saccos have had differences after the involvement of politics and to some, the harambee money, Saccos must remain apolitical if they want to remain united to the core,” he added

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