Burial without ceremony for Maragua man touted to be a boss of dreaded Mungiki sect

By KK Online News Reporter

Police officers barricade Muranga Maragua town road during the burial of Samuel Mwangi

Burial for suspected Mungiki Central Region boss took less than 10 minutes after police chased away mourners.

There was no program and eulogy during the send off ceremony of Samuel Mwangi Njoki, 54 who died on Sunday since armed police officers ordered for speedy ceremony while the well arranged chairs had no one to sit on.

Residents of Maragua town had to watch over a distance as there was a heavy presence surpassing the mourners.

The entry points of Maragua town was also barricaded with anti riots police mounting road blocks and keeping police lorries at bay to ensure they responded to any alarm that could arise.

Officers from National Intelligence Service (Nis) and the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) had also camped at the area after allegations that one of the ex supreme leader of Mungiki sect would visit the area to offer his message of condolences to the bereaved family.

The late until his demise was a business man at Maragua town.

The burial ceremony that took less than 10 minutes.

Last year, the deceased daughter who died mysteriously in Nairobi was buried by members touted to belong to an outlawed sect.

Family members who refused to address the media dismissed the reports saying their late family member was a good man with morals and could not comprehend why police interfered with the burial rites.

They said the deceased has never been arrested charged nor convicted with being a member of Mungiki sect and condemned the police interference.

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