City lawyer Simon Gikuru wades into inquest of late Muranga Councillor

By Ndungu Gachane

Mr Simon Kamau Gikuru. He has denied claims that he took the deceased Councillor without their consent.

A Nairobi based lawyer Simon Kamau Gikuru has waded into the ongoing inquest of a former Muranga Councillor Hannah Wanjiku Mwangi’s death saying his aunts aware that he took his grandmother to his home.

Mr Gikuru who was accused by his aunts of transferring the deceased without consultations and approval has rubbished the claims and wondered why they did not file an objection for the 10 days the deceased lived under his care.

“They can’t purport that they were not aware that I took my grandmother what did they do for the ten days she lived with us, in fact one of those who testified supplied milk on daily basis that fed our grandmother. Its hypocritical to claim that they had not consented,” he told on phone.

Mr Gikuru said he decided to take his grandmother after she was allegedly abandoned by his children and after the church and the community raised an alarm.

“She was living in very unacceptable conditions, literally abandoned, the church and the community became restless and informed me about the matter in fact I gave them an ultimatum of one week before taking her to our custody,” Mr Gikuru added.

By the time of the late’s death, Mr Gikuru was in Tanzania and he had left his grandmother under the care of his sister and a hired nurse.

He claimed once his grandmother was pronounced dead, area assistant chief summoned the family members and being asked whether they suspected any foul play they agreed that she was ripe of age and died in sleep.

“How they later turned around to claim possible foul play is based on family divisions not any substantial suspicions, “Like in all families, it is a common thing to disagree and ours in no different. We shall attend the inquest with my lawyers to its conclusion without fear or ill feelings, it’s a legal court process meant to clear any doubts” Mr Gikuru added

During the inquest on Tuesday, the deceased two children claimed Mr Gikuru took away their mother without their knowledge and that their efforts to visit her were futile as they were denied access.

They claimed they had met her on June 14 and had no health complaint saying they were taken aback by her death.

The autopsy report could not ascertain the cause of death since embalming had already taken place although it revealed she had injuries in the face.

The deceased was 99 years old and had a history of high blood pressure or hypertension.

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