Delmonte guards accused of directing trained dogs to maul suspected pineapple thief

By KK Online News

A pineapple suspect who has been allegedly attacked by Delmonte guards for stealing fruits at the farm

A fruit processing company Delmote is under sharp criticism after a resident accused it for attacking him using dogs and badly beating him up.

Mr Stephen Mburu Gichira was among four other people that had gone to steal pineapples at the Delmonte farm on Sunday when the company guards descended on them with kicks blows and clubs before directing their trained dogs to ‘maul’ them.

Mr Mburu, his sister told our desk fainted and the guards thought he was dead, they allegedly took the three suspects to Ngati police station where they were charged in court on Monday and pleaded guilty to the stealing charges.

“My brother was left for dead, after a long search we found him lying helpless in a field at Methi where we had been directed by a lead guard only identified as Wachira,” Ms Jane Waceera told

She said his brother has been farming at the shores of the Delmonte farm until recently when they were forced out of the area and decided to be stealing at the farm to sustain his young family of 2 children.

She said her brother 30, has been rushed to Thika Level Five Hospital with fractured ribs and bleeding eyes.

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George Gathuru
George Gathuru
11 months ago

This is so sad… Unfortunately sio wazungu wanafanya ivi it’s our fellow Africans.. 😢

Last edited 11 months ago by George Gathuru
Mary Gachuhi
Mary Gachuhi
Reply to  George Gathuru
11 months ago

Too sad a stern action must be taken against them. Its bad that a brother is fighting a brother because of Wazungu

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