Director Betty Maina reprimands former boss Jamleck Kamau, wants him to be humble

By Allan Wanjiku

Betty Maina, Athi Water Works Director

Be humble when you are looking for votes for the gubernatorial seat, Athi Water Works Director Betty Maina has reprimanded her former boss Jamleck Kamau over his one month notice to Water Principal Secretary Irungu Wairagu.

Maina who deconstructed Kamau on Sunday when she crisscrossed several Constituencies for church fundraisers urged former Kigumo MP to be like other gubernatorial aspirants while looking for votes and employ humility values as opposed to bulldozing things.

She referred to Kamau’s remarks against Wairagu that he is secured a job to him and that he should start packing now that Kamau is in for the gubernatorial contest and that Wairagu must forget his quest to become the County’s Chief Executive Officer.

“I hear that there are some people hovering around Muranga calling them Wairagu wa Mai, I give them a one month notice to pack and go,” Kamau had said in a function held in Kigumo.

After Kamau’s notice to Wairagu to pack and go, Betty came out gun blazing and dismissed her former boss saying there was no way he could have helped Wairagu to get a bigger job than his.

“Hon Jamleck Kamau is the chairman for Tarda, Ps Joseph Wairagu is the PS Water Sanitation and irrigation. You can’t help someone secure a bigger job than yours,” she said while quoting KK online’s page that bore the one month notice to her current boss.

Betty’s frequent appearance in vernacular radio and tv stations and her subsequent church fundraisers have left the political class guessing her next possible.

A crowd puller, mobilizer and fearless mother of two has great influence in Kigumo politics since her home is in Kangari and has been supporting women and youth groups in various ways.

Although there are rumors that she could be either aiming the Kigumo Parliamentary seat or the Women Representative position, Betty has held her cards close to her chests probably due to her experience in politics where she has worked with who is who in the political world.

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