Family living in a ramshackle cottage gets new meaning of life thanks to Wamatangi

By Ndungu Gachane

A ramshackle cottage that a family of seven had called home for years

Lappset Director and Kiharu philanthropist Karanja Mburu Wamatangi has rescued a family that has been living a ramshackle cottage with a leaking iron roof.

The family of seven belonging to Winnie Mugure have been living in a dilapidated and condemned house that was extremely unpleasant and unfit for living but Mr Wamatangi upon getting wind of the news, decided to construct them a 3-bed room decent and modest house fully furnished with dining table, a double decker beds and a living room.

Mr Wamatangi, the man behind various philanthropic deeds in Kiharu.

Ms Winnie Mugure on Friday could not imagine that she was leaving her semi detached and fire trap house that she had called shelter for years and when she was asked how she felt she only murmured some words ‘I can’t imagine that I will live like a queen, that I will no longer endure torrents of rain that hit us hard, sleeping  under harsh conditions has been part of our life, may God bless the philanthropist.” She said as she shed tears of joy.

Some of the furniture at the new house

Due to their abject poverty and harsh living conditions, the family has been a laughing stock in the entire Kariciungu village of Kiharu Constituency and the children who go to school at Karingu Primary school had been used as the classical example of the definition of poverty.

“I used to feel that God never cared for us, not until Mr Wamatangi came to our home knocking upon hearing about our plight from some teachers and villagers of goodwill, my esteem has gone high and I promise to perform better in the Kenya Certificate for Primary Education (KCPE).

The house is now the talk of the sleepy village as its standards is a bit high than the one which belonged to a rich man of the area.

The three bedroomed house constructed by Karanja Mburu Wamatangi to a family of seven. Its fully furnished with dining table double decker beds and other utilities

Wamatangi Foundation that has been focused in improving the human welfare constructed the building to a tune of Sh500,000 armed with a 5000- litre tank and a toilet and a modern kitchen.

The permanent house is a complete paradox of the other cubicle one which was not enough room to swing a cat.

According to Mr George Gathuru Kariuki, Wamatangi Foundation coordinator, their focus was changing lives and to ensure no human being lives under deplorable conditions.

Mr Gathuru said they were focused on changing lives

“We have been constructing tanks to improve sanitation of our children but in our day to day activities, our Director Engineer Karanja Mburu Wamatangi received news of the disadvantaged family and decided to help, its not about politics but changing lives,” Mr Gathuru said.

Ms Ruth Kuguru, a member of Karanja Mburu Wamatangi Foundation called on government to devolve the construction of affordable housing agenda to villages noting that there are many cases of people living under unsuitable roofs in Kiharu.

“Government should consider deploying the construction of cheap affordable housing to grassroots since there are so many cases of abject poverty,” she said.

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