Gatanga gets Sh25 million audio visual studio, thanks to Mp Nduati Ngugi

By Ndungu Gachane

Mp Nduati Ngugi. He has fought tirelessly to revive the Kirwara based state of art studio

Gatanga has emerged as the first Constituency in Kenya to have the audio visual production facility in Kenya, thanks to Mp Nduati Ngugi.

The Sh25 million state of art studio will be complete and running in 14 weeks time and will be a major boost for artists from Gatanga and Muranga County at large.

Mr Nduati on Wednesday brought government delegation to launch the project which will be under studio mashinani, a Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) project to support and compliment local artists.

Speaking at the function, the MP said the studio will subsidize the prices for audio and video production and will cut the cost of production to musicians who travel all the way to Nairobi for production purposes.

“Gatanga is a home of musicians; the likes of Peter Kigia, the late John D Mathew, Gachathi Wa Thuo and so many others, there are others who are upcoming and have no funds for production,” the Mp said.

The MP reminisced that the studio was first conceptualized by former Mp Peter Kenneth but after his exit, the noble course halted saying he decided to ensure the project materialises after getting into office.

“The project was first started by Peter Kenneth, but the idea was halted after his exit, I’m happy that in the next 14 weeks, the project will be operational,” Mr Nduati noted.

Some of the delegation who attended the event included Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua, Kenya Film Commission CEO Timothy Owase and KBC Managing Director Naim Bilal who hailed the project saying it comes at the best opportune time since artists will now get a studio for near free costs.

Mr Owase said they will train artists on the composition of songs and other artistic subjects to ensure they get the quality art works.

“We shall be training the artists on the artwork related matters to ensure they understand the nitty gritty on the art world,” he announced.

Mr Mutua said the board has been dealing with errant musicians who have been been recording and releasing songs with vulgar language.

He said they have issued warning notices to some of the musicians for vulgar songs saying a repeat of the vice would land them to court.

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