Government vehicles used to ferry drugs in Muranga, Maragua MP laments

By Ndungu Gachane

Maragua Mp Mary Waithira at a past function. She has claimed that there is a collusion of police with illicit brew traders

Maragua legislator Mary Waithira Wamaua has decried use of police vehicles to ferry drugs in Muranga a move she has attributed to collusion between criminals and men in uniform.

According to the fearless lawmaker, some rogue police officers are in illicit partnership with the lawbreakers to protect them to defeat justice while others are illegally using government vehicles to ferry drugs into the villages.

Speaking at Maragua police station on Friday during a cleanup exercise organized by Ahadi attended by Deputy Inspector of Police Edward Mbugua, the MP also blamed police officers for the increased consumption of illicit liquor and bhang claiming a section of the officers provide crucial information to the lawbreakers in order to evade arrests.

“While we take note of good work being done by our officers, we note that there are some rogue officers who leak information to lawbreakers on crackdowns and this makes the fight against illicit liquor completely difficult,” Ms Wamaua said pointing at the notorious Ichangai illicit brew which she said has been a menace to the security of the area.

She narrated to the police boss how the illicit liquor business has adversely affected school going children and urged the National Police Service to step up their intelligence against its officers who could be working with cartels in the sector.

The MP pointed out areas, which are the hotspots for illegal sale of illicit brew such as Maisha Mathi village in Ichagaki, and Nginda village.

She urged the police boss to order for the return of police officers at the Nginda Chiefs Camp who had been deployed to other areas after the reforms in the police service that saw the merger of the Kenya police and the administration police.

In his response, the Deputy Inspector General nodded to the proposal and ordered the County Police Commander to deploy police at the Chiefs Camp to fight insecurity concerns in the area.

Mr Mbugua also warned police officers who will not embrace reforms saying they will not have an alternative than leaving the service while at the same time called for collaborative approach between the community, the leadership and the police to fight crime.

“We need to partner in order to fight crime, this work cannot be left to the police service alone, we also need a collaborative approach to win this war,

“..While I agree that there could be officers being used to frustrate the war on illicit brew, let us not bedevil the whole institution but remember they are our brothers and sisters,” he urged locals,” He said.

During the function, Ahadi Kenya boss Kamau Wa Ndutu launched the cleaning exercise in Muranga police stations and promised to reward the most clean police station in three months’ time.

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