How Wakili Edward Muriu restored lost hope to John D Mathew’s daughter

By Ndungu Gachane

Wakili Edward Muriu hands over Sh150000 to Jane D Mathew, a daughter to deceased John D Mathew

When an icon dies in Kenya, political class splash the bereaved family with heaps of praises to the deceased and even visit the family guising as mourners to inherit the icon’s supporters.

They use the best consoling verbs in their social media platforms vowing to support the family of the fallen hero and to affirm their ‘commitment’, they attend the burial ceremony and sometimes fake tears when they rise to speak to show how they have been affected by the big loss.

However, immediately after delivering their speech some of them do not even wait for the final burial rites, they excuse themselves on other meaningful engagements which they lie that are beneficial to Wanjiku knowing in their hearts that they have fulfilled their objectives ie hoodwinking unsuspecting mourners and winning their confidence.

But the leadership of Wakili Edward Muriu is rewriting history of political mischiefs, innuendos and cunning.

In bid to ensure continuity of music industry in the lineage of fallen celebrated King of Benga John D Mathew, Wakili Muriu has not only promised to support the deceased daughter Jane D Mathew, but has walked the talk by gifting her Sh150,000 to kick start her carrier and to ensure smooth transition of music in the deceased family.

It took Wakili Muriu barely a fortnight to actualize his promise which he made during John D Mathew’s first anniversary at his Gatanga home.

He says he noticed Ms D Mathew’s unmatched talent and vowed to support her until she establishes herself in the art world.

“During the function I noticed the unmatched talent of Jane D Mathew the daughter of the late who have taken over from her Dad’s talent with great zeal and passion,” Mr Muriu says adding that the deceased was a true dad, mentor and motivator to his daughter.

He noted that the death of Mr John D Mathew left his daughter in deep abyss and confusion to an extent of losing hope in her career as a musician.

Wakili Muriu said the Sh150000 will enable the upcoming musician to record audios and shoot videos hoping that she stands a chance to inspire other upcoming musicians in Gatanga, the de facto and unchallenged Constituency of music in Kenya.

Wakili Muriu has been engaged in acts of mercy and uplifting the lives of Muranga people to create a stable working nation.

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