Inquest to establish who killed Muranga councilor starts

By Ndungu Gachane

The late Hannah Wanjiku. Her lifeless body was found dead at a house in Gatheru where she was staying. An inquest to establish her death has started at Muranga law courts

A Muranga Court has started to hear an inquest to determine the cause of death of former Councillor Hannah Wanjiku Mwangi who was found dead from a house she was living at Kwa Mbari Gatheru village on June last year.

The family of the late Councilor has never come to the terms of her death especially after the postmortem failed to establish the cause of the death since embalming had already been done before the autopsy was conducted.

Although the autopsy report indicated that the late Wanjiku  had bruises on the left upper and mid face and surrounding edema, they could not establish the real reasons for the death since the body had been preserved before the autopsy was conducted.

“The head had bruise in the left penorbited region with surrounding edema

Under the sub topic of musculoskeletal the pathologist indicated that “bilateral had sores and the glunder region with scab formation… “As a result of my examination I formed an opinion that the cause of death was uncertain (embalming) had been done,” Dr M Mwangi a pathologist noted in his report.

On Tuesday, two daughters of the deceased; Salome Waithira Karani and Mary Kabura Waichigo testified that their mother had been taken away from her Embassy home to Kwa Mbari Gatheru village without their consent and consultation by Mr Simon Mwangi alias Gikuru.

They narrated to the court that they took care of their mother and had hired two women who looked at her adding that there was no reasons why Mr Gikuru could take her away.

Mr Gikuru’as step father is the son to the deceased while the two who testified are the deceased children and sisters to Mr Gikuru’s step father.

They said they learnt about the death of the mother through Mr Gikuru’s sister who called Ms Mary Kabura and were shocked as 10 days before they had interacted with the deceased and did not complain of any health issue.

“On June 14 2019, I and Ms Monica Mbogo interacted with our mother and she was healthy so when we received a phone call informing about her death we were all shocked,” Ms Karani told the court.

The late Wanjiku was a Councilor at Gikandu Ward in 1970s and and was chief advisor to Dr Julius Kiano and a mentor to Kenneth Njindo Matiba former Kiharu Mps.

Until her demise, the deceased was suffering from High Blood Pressure and was 94 years old.

The inquest will proceed on October 13.

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