Joy in Gatanga as riders and traders receive over Sh4 million from Wakili Edward Muriu through their cellphones

By Allan Wanjiku

Wakili Edward Muriu with Boda Boda riders

Gatanga Member of Parliament aspirant Wakili Edward Muriu has embraced technology to disburse over Sh4 million to Boda boda riders and traders across Gatanga Constituency, money that was contributed by the philanthropist and Deputy President William Ruto a a fortnight ago.

Unlike in other areas where the process is usually flawed with some middlemen benefiting with the proceeds instead of the real stakeholders, the actual riders and traders benefited with the money as they were wired through their cell phones.

The four markets from across Gatanga Constituency ie Gatura, Ndunyu Chege, Kirwara and Kihumbuini got Sh1.1 million while over 3000 riders received Sh506,333.33 from each ward.

At the same time a sick and disabled man Kariuki Wanjiru received Sh100000 and a wheel chair from Wakili Edward Muriu.

Riders and traders have hailed the process adopted by Wakili Edward Muriu describing it as the most efficient and transparent process which need to be adopted by government operatives in disbursing revenue resources.

“This process has seen the real and original beneficiaries receive their dues. Many are the times that contributions ends up in the hands of the few but this time round. The real rider and trader has received something from our phones,” Zackary Ndegwa a rider from Mugumoini noted.

In Kangema, squabbles arose after Ruto left huge monies and the riders could not agree on a formula.

Wakili Edward Muriu said he had to ensure that money that was intended to go uplift lives went to that route.

“Our mission was to ensure that hustlers lives are uplifted and that is what motivated me to ensure that every rider or a trader receive his or her dues,” Wakili said.

The lawyer encouraged the Boda Boda riders to form groups with the aim of pooling their resources together and to grow financially.

“I encourage riders to join hands and form groups to benefit together,” he added.

He said the program is part of his many programs of pesa mfukoni initiative where he uplifts locals by initiating establishing geared in increasing resources to them.

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