Judiciary partners with Muranga County Government to solve disputes on succession case

By Ndungu Gachane

Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria and Chief Justice David Maraga. Judiciary and Muranga County Government has partnered to launch a special alternative dispute resolution drive to wipe out succession cases in courts.

Kenyan Judiciary in partnership with Muranga County Government is gearing to launch a Special Alternative Dispute Resolution Drive to ensure expeditious disposal of increased succession cases in Muranga.

The Governor Mwangi Wa Iria led administration announced that they are ready to enter into the partnership owing to the cases’ margins in courts and their negative effects to families.

The County Chief said the succession which includes inheritance matters have dragged in courts and has continued dividing the families due to lack of mutual trust informing his devolved unit to come up with a plan to reduce backlog and to restore unity and peace in affected families.

In an event attended by Chief Justice David Maraga, Governor Wa Iria said his team has harnessed all the cases in courts and was ready to set aside a budget to roll out the program and requested the Chief Justice to do the same so as to syndicate the budgets and work as a team.

“Litigation is expensive and time consuming and this is why we have seen it wise to partner with the Judiciary to help our people in a win win situation to both the litigants and defendants,” he added.

On his part the Chief Justice noted that the program which will involve magistrates will not only shorten the procedure in courts but will also help Judiciary to reduce backlog.

“The program entails referring the succession cases to mediators and using our magistrates to ratify the mediation, we target to dispose the succession cases expeditiously,” Mr Maraga noted.

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