Kamau Wa Ndutu feeds hungry BOM teachers

By Ndungu Gachane

Ahadi Kenya CEO Stanley Kamau has advised teachers employed under Board of Management to join hands and initiate an income generating project to cushion themselves during the harsh economic times brought about by Covid-19.

The philanthropist who donated food items to over 50 teachers in Mathioya Sub- County on Saturday noted that many of the teachers who have been rendered jobless by the pandemic are at the verge of getting depression due to lack of basic commodities such as food, rent, and money to sustain their families.

He called on the teachers to form and register an organisation promising to fund them so that they could have a project that would sustain them even after government deals with the pandemic.

“I don’t want to hear any of our teachers to get depressed due to the effects of Coronavirus, I will keep in touch with them even as they register an association so that they can get assisted as a group,” Dr Kamau Wa Ndutu said.

Mr Kamau wants government to instruct school management to pay the BOM teachers

He said the Covid-19 disease has challenged stakeholders in different sectors to enroll in diversification of risks to ensure they are not exposed to hunger and poverty when the worst hits the country.

He also urged the BOM teachers employers to pay them since most of the parents had paid their school fees before schools were closed.

He called on the Ministry of Education to instruct school management to pay the teachers to ensure they don’t get hungry during this period.

On their part teachers narrated their predicament saying they have been exposed to ridicule becoming beggars and casual labourers at the homes of their pupils.

“We have now turned to tea pickers and pruners to sustain our young families and pay rent, we are completely disoriented and we thank Dr Kamau for coming to our rescue,” Mr John Mwangi told journalists.

On her part, Ms Esther Nyakairu said they have reached to a point of being being laughed at by their pupils whenever they knock their homes seeking for jobs.

“We lack words for Dr Kamau, we have not been paid since March this year but he has remembered us, we beseech government to borrow a leaf from Dr Kamau and give us something to sustain us,” Ms Nyakairu said.

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