Kamau Wa Ndutu says the old not benefitting from cash transfer program

By Allan Wanjiku

Dr Stanley Kamau of Ahadi Kenya gifts a granny a 5-kg package of relief food

Ahadi Kenya boss Stanley Kamau alias Kamau Wa Ndutu has expressed concerns that the old and the vulnerable do not access the cash transfer programs and has called on government to bend the strict guidelines to ensure the majority benefit from the fund.

According to Dr Kamau, despite various cash transfer programs which include Old Persons Cash Transfer (OPCT), Cash Transfer to orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC) Hunger Safety Net Program (HSNP) Urban Food Subsidy Cash Transfer (UFS-,CT and Persons with Severe Disability Cash Transfer (PWSD-CT), the fund do not reach to the intended people due to various issues which he termed as bureaucratic.

Speaking over the weekend at Kandara and Gatanga Sub-Counties when he presided over a food distribution exercise to over 700 locals, the anti jigger crusader noted with concern that most old people have lost their identity cards while others can’t tell when they were born reasons he noted bars them from benefitting with the cash transfer program.

“Such clumsy reasons should not prevent the old and the vulnerable to receive government funding, government should bend the rules and look at ways in which the monies will reach the old,” he said.

He proposed that National Government should incorporate lawyers to help grannies who have lost their ID cards to swear affidavits and enable them to be listed as beneficiaries of the fund.

He said chiefs and assistant chiefs should be used to identify them and vet them.

Ahadi Kenya had partnered with Loto Company to donate food items to the vulnerable in the two Constituencies.

Ms Wangari Mwaura, Loto CEO said the company had embarked on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to donate food to the hungry due to the Covid-19 pandemic effects.

She said the Muranga event was the fifth initiative after visiting various areas including Kariobangi area of Nairobi where there were demolitions.

“Loto is determined to cushion people during this hard time brought about the Covid-19 pandemic,” she said.

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