Kamau Wa Ndutu successfully lobbies for change of procedure for recording of statements to disabled persons

By Ndungu Gachane

Ahadi Kenya boss Stanley Kamau with Deputy Inspector General of Police Edward Mbugua at Maragua police station where he donated food to over 200 people living with disabilities

Ahadi Kenya boss Stanley Kamau alias Kamau Wa Ndutu has successfully lobbied for a change of procedure in recording of statements by People Living With Disabilities(PLWD) in bid to guarantee justice to victims who are physically challenged.

Dr Kamau on Friday utilized an opportunity at Maragua Police Station and pleaded with Deputy Inspector General of Police Njoroge Mbugua to change procedure and ensure that police get to the homes of the victims who are physically challenged to record their statements when in pursuit of justice.

He noted that most of the cases involving the disabled people drag in courts and ends up being dismissed as many of them are not in position to avail themselves to police stations to record statements.

“They never access justice because they are not able to go to police stations to record their complaints, it would be good for the National Police Services to always deploy their officers at the victims homes and record statements,” Dr Kamau proposed.

During the event where over 200 physically challenged people received food donations, Dr Kamau said improving security will automatically reduce margins of disability saying a significant number of disability cases are brought about by insecurity incidents.

While nodding to Dr Kamau’s prayers, the Deputy Inspector General of police instructed officers to always go for the statements at the comfort of the PLWD victims.

“I hereby direct officers to go for the statements to disabled victims who pursue justice, this will not only ensure justice but will also help in cementing relationship between officers and the citizens,” he said.

During the event, Dr Kamau launched a clean up exercise for all Police Stations and donated 20 tanks and Sanitizers to police stations.

He also promised to award the best clean police station in three months time

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