Kangata holds 99th medical camp at Kigumo, over 1000 locals benefit

By Ndungu Gachane

A patient being examined by doctors during a medical camp held at Mathareini Kigumo by Senator Irungu Kangata

Over a thousand locals from Mathareini, Karega, Turu Turu villages of Kigumo Constituency have benefited from a free medical camp organized and fully sponsored by Senate Chief Whip Irungu Kangata.

The medical camp that brought together highly qualified medical specialists saw the locals tested from different diseases which include Diabetes, High blood pressure and eye related ailments.

They were tested and given the medicine while those found with further issues referred to medical facilities.

Some of the beneficiaries who spoke to pressmen described the Senator as God sent as most of them had no money to pay for hospital bills and could not afford bus fare due to their economic status.

One such beneficiary is Irene Njeri who said she was examined and given for free eye glasses which would have cost her Sh5000.

She said she had been hovering from one hospital to another looking for help but when she heard about the medical camp held at Mathareini Primary School she decided to give it a try.

“My problems have been solved, a lot of money which I  have been using due to the eye related problems will now be reverted to other priorities and all i can say is that Mr Kangata has been sent by God to redeem some of us who have been suffering and adapting with these problems,” Ms Njeri said.

It was the same narrative with Mr John Kariuki who could not his joy and happiness after being examined by doctors, he prayed for the Senator’s good health and abundance.

“We know and appreciate that Senators do not have a kitty but we are humbled by the Senator’s philanthropic deeds to continue keeping the less fortunate in his heart, we can only pray for his blessings,” Mr Kariuki said.

This is the 99th time Mr Kangata is holding the medical camp, with the first one having held it during his tenure as a Muranga Town Councilor.

Other than the medical camp, locals received hybrid avocado tree seedlings.

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