Karanja Mburu Wamatangi advances his sharing is caring agenda

A beneficiary receive a package from a team of Karanja Mburu Wamatangi. He has continued to advance his Sharing is caring agenda

By Ndungu Gachane

Kiharu philanthropist and politician Karanja Mburu Wamatangi has continued to advance his sharing is caring agenda to the less fortunate even as other leaders abandoned the idea after perhaps gaining the political mileage after helping a few homes when CoronaVirus hit the country.

Mr Wamatangi a staunch Christian and a believer of caring for others is a gift recently donated food stuffs and masks to the residents of Githagara, Kiria, Kiaguthu, Mirichu and Kagaa villages in Kiharu to ensure that no one sleeps hungry.

Through his coordinated and disciplined team, Mr Wamatangi crisscrossed the villages and ensured that locals who have been completely disoriented by Covid-19 pandemic have something to put on the table.

He continued to urge leaders who had promised food donation and other promises when the disease hit the country to at least remember the poor.

“When the disease hit the country, we saw a section of leaders both elected and others from various cadres donate food and promise to continue doing so until the pandemic is neutralized by government but immediately after publicizing their efforts they abandoned the program and concentrated on their day to day activities,

” There are others who even promised to undertake different initiatives in full glare of media and went mum, let us remember that those affected are still with us in our villages and they still feel the effects of the disease,” Mr Wamatangi said.

A section of residents from Githagara village receive food donation from Karanja Mburu Wamatangi team.

Mr Wamatangi is Kenya’s country director for Can Do Kids, a non governmental organization that has supported the less fortunate families by sponsoring their education and building homes for the homeless as well as constructing tanks to schools to provide water and improve sanitation.

Two years ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta noted Mr Wamatangi’s efforts of serving his motherland and appointed him to serve as a Director at the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor project, also known as Lamu corridor, a transport and infrastructure project in Kenya that, when complete, will be the country’s second transport corridor.

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