Kewopa wants government to set aside special fund for teenage mothers

By Ndungu Gachane

Women leaders pose for a photo, they want government to give them kitty for teenage mothers

Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (Kewopa) wants the National Government to dedicate a special fund for teenagers who get pregnant before completing their Primary and Secondary education.

Kewopa chairperson and Kiambu Women Representative Gathoni Wa Muchomba says the special fund should be given to all the 47 women representatives under the National Government Affirmative Fund to facilitate smooth re entry program to teenage mothers back to schools.

According to Gathoni Wa Muchomba,the fund will go a long way in ensuring that the teenage mothers are guaranteed of school fees without necessarily depending on bursary from the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF).

“The fund will facilitate and compliment the re- entry policy program to the teenage mothers who grow huge after delivering to a point that school uniform don’t fit them, they will be guaranteed of personal upkeep and to some extent school fees,” the Women Representative said.

She also want families with teenage mothers to get enhanced and higher rations of relief food.

The Women Representative said government has enough money to dedicate to Women Mps saying the fund should be sourced from the Covid-19 fund where Kenyans of good will have generously contributed towards the kitty.

Speaking at Ihigaini village of Maragua Constituency when she led women Mps to condole with a family whose 8-year old daughter was strangled to death by a 15-year old boy, Ms Wamuchomba decried the increased cases of teen pregnancies and provided a remedy to discourage the potential defilers.

She proposed that the government to establish a blacklisting system to ensure the repeat offenders do not access government services and employment opportunities.

“The blacklisting system must be put in place to block the defilers and rapists from accessing government services and job opportunities especially in Private sector. When a teacher convicted of defiling a minor, upon finishing his jail term, they seek job at private schools where they advance their defiling habit,” she said.

Ms Wamuchomba was in company of Muranga Women Representative Wanjiru Chege, Machakos Women Representative Joyce Kamene and Busia’s Florence Mutua and the invite of area MP Mary Waithira Wamaua.

They said Kewopa will hire a lawyer on behalf of the family in pursuit of justice to their daughter who was allegedly killed by a boy over unknown reasons.

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