Muranga Senatorial candidate celebrates birthday, says he is ready to lead

By Ndungu Gachane

Philanthropist Wakili Edward Muriu a Muranga 2022 Senatorial aspirant. He is celebrating his birthday today.

A Murang’a Son who has chosen to give back to the society is celebrating his special day today.

Wakili Edward Muriu who is still crisscrossing different parts of Muranga County assisting the poor during the Covid-19 pandemic period believes in a popular Kikuyu phrase that says “wendani ukirite gutonga” meaning that in unity there is manifestation of the best) has been using his hard earned sweat to feed the down trodden.

The lawyer heeded to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s pleas to his country men to go back to their villages to compliment the government’s efforts to assist the poor.
Through his initiatives, the God- sent lawyer has touched the lives of the Kikuyu Secular golden oldies, (Ngogoyo) Boda Boda riders, dairy farmers and the people living with disabilities who have been badly hit by the effects of Coronavirus.

In June this year, Wakili Edward Muriu launched a Dairy Farmers Support Initiative that saw dairy farmers receive semen, semen tanks and a 1000 caliadra fodder seedlings to boost milk supply.

The initiative brought down the cost of semen from Sh5000 to Sh500

In August, Wakili Muriu, in bid to curb the increased cases of Boda Boda riders’ deaths, he launched an extensive sensitization program to enlighten the riders on road safety and to observe traffic rules and to always wear reflective jackets.

He then donated masks to the riders.

The philanthropist also supported the Ngogoyo artists by giving them food and visited the widows of the departed artists in bid to ensure that they do not sleep hungry during the pandemic.

In his activities, he learnt that a daughter to the fallen King of Benga John D Mathew known as Jane D Mathew has a talent like that of her father and donated her with Sh150000 to help her compose record and produce her songs.

The commercial lawyer with over 27 years of experience never tires of assisting the community armed with a Kikuyu saying Muheani ndagaga (he who gives never lacks).

He started and runs one of the largest law firms in East Africa MMC Asafo with over 50 lawyers with over 100 support staff.

The law firm has offices in Africa and Europe.

Other than being a legal expert, the ambitious lawyer is also an accomplished horticultural farmer where he grows flowers and vegetables for export with over 500 employees.

A jack of all trades and a philanthropist, Mr Muriu believes in giving and sharing saying it is a sure bet of attracting God’s blessings.

Even as he celebrates his birthday today, his acts of mercy, philanthropy and determination to change a life are virtues that should be imitated by many.

His decision to run for Senate is a true testament that even as he goes to enact laws due to his legal prowess, he shall continue uplifting the lives of the disadvantaged.

On his special day he encourages the youths to walk heads high as there is hope in our beloved country saying that there is untapped chances in agricultural sector an area he is passionate to help in.
Happy birthday Wakili Edward Muriu.

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