Muturi Kigano fires all his staff

By Allan Wanjiku

Kangema Mp Muturi Kigano. He has fired all his staff in Kangema employed under Parliamentary Service Commission over unknown reasons.

Shock, fear and disbelief has engulfed the staff of MP Muturi Kigano after he sent them on a compulsory leave.

The employees who fall under the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) were reprimanded to close the offices beginning this month and were advised by the MP not to step their feet at the offices telling them that should they want to regain their jobs, they will have to apply afresh.

The directive touched the employees their nerve center, perplexed and worried as they could not to figure out the next course of action or rather their lives without being associated with the veteran politician and lawyer.

Some of those who were technically shown the door include Mp’s manager Chege Wa Beth and Ms Wangari Kibuthu who zealously defend the Mp in social media platforms as well as representing him at various functions in Kangema.

Although it its not clear why the 10 staffs were fired, one of those who faced the axe blamed the MP for always seeking ‘intelligence’ of his staff to the wrong people leading to misinformation and being misguided.

“The main problem with our boss to always seeking information about his employees from outsiders who are possibly his political rivals,” a victim told

They added that the MP only dismissed them and told them that they will have to apply afresh from January next year if they are interested to continue working at Kangema.

Our news team has found out that anti graft body EACC will be camping at Kangema for investigations although its not clear whether the firing of the 10 is related with the EACC’s move.

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