Muwasco, locals want Muranga High School Principal charged with malicious damage of sewa line

By Ndungu Gachane

Raw sewa passing through people’s farms after Muranga High School destroyed a sewa line that passed through the school

Muranga Water and Sanitation Company (Muwasco) want Muranga High School Principal sued for malicious damage of property after the school management destroyed the sewer line that passes through the school.

The sewer line that was constructed in 2015 by the water firm in conjunction with Muranga County Government has been blocked right at the fence of the High School.

On Monday, the school management led by Parents Association chairperson Captain Amos Njoroge defended their actions by calling Muwasco company ‘thugs’.

He said as the chairperson for the association he could not sit pretty and allow Muwasco trespass and connect their sewa pipes illegally through the school.

Asked by journalists why then the management decided to take law into their own hands to block the sewa line, Captain Murigi said “They are thugs, they passed their sewa line through the school and we could not allow that to happen”.

Captain Amos Njoroge the chairperson for Muranga High School Parents Association

Interestingly, Muranga High School even after destroying the pipes rushed to Muranga Lands and Environment Court accusing the water firm of intruding into the school but the court dismissed the petition citing lack of jurisdiction to hear and determine the matter.

On Monday, The Parents Association boss together with a section of parents said the sewa line that passed the effluent from the surrounding community interrupted the school’s Bio Digester and its ability produce bio gas.

The bone of contention between Muwasco and Muranga High is who owns the sewa line after reaching the school compound.

Muwasco Managing Director Engineer Daniel Nganga

Muwasco says the sewa line was constructed in 2015 and helped the community and the school to discharge their effluent to Karii sewa through the sewa line but when the school made their bio digester they decided to disconnect the line upon reaching the school compound.

” The sewa line was constructed in 2015 at a tune of Sh850,000 by Muranga water and sanitation company in conjunction with the Muranga County Government, way later the school management decided to establish their bio digestor using the main sewa line but illegally interrupted and blocked the effluent from the neighbouring community, its a criminal offense,” Muwasco Managing Director Daniel Nganga said.

But the school’s chairperson said “Those are stories, the sewa, even before we had our bio digestor belonged to school and we had a septic tank, they used to charge us exorbitantly for the collection of effluent and that’s why we improvised and decided to establish our Bio Digestor,” Captain Murigi said.

Efforts to amicably settle the matter has not borne fruits even after County Director for Education Ann Kiiru, Muranga County Government Water and Sanitation officials led by Antony Maina held a consultative meeting with Muwasco and Muranga High senior officials.

While Muranga High School want Muwasco to reroute the sewa line  outside the school, Muwasco says it will be costly to do so as they would cough out close to Sh1.5 million on top of the Sh850000 they used in the initial project.

As this happens residents living near Kiharu ACK and the surrounding continue to endure an odour smell from the raw sewage running their their farms and houses.

Women have abandoned their casual labour itinerary to look for the children who are making fun of the raw sewa and playing with the effluent.

“The Principal must know how to relate well with us since we are his neighbours, the sewa has passed through the school for over 5 years and we don’t understand why they had to block the sewa line,” Mr Bernard Chege said.

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