Nominated MCA in front line in in vaccination drive in Kinyona

By Allan Wanjiku

As the Ministry of Health continues to woe Kenyans to be vaccinated against Covid-19 pandemic, politicians are angling themselves for next year’s polls and are less concerned on the health of their electorate.

Locals recieve jab at Kamunganga dispensary courtesy of MCA Wangari Kigo

But a visionary Nominated Member of County Assembly Ann Wangari Kigo is different, while her fellow politicians are keen on consolidating the electorate for votes, she is busy mobilizing them to be vaccinated.

Due to her vaccination program which she has partnered with Muranga County Government, over 5000 people have received the jab.

People from the following areas have been mobilized and have been vaccinated.

Gikoe Health Center

Kinyona Dispensary

Tata Hannah Dispensary

Mununga Resource center

Gikiie Dispensary

Kamunganga Dispensary

Gacharage Tea Factory

Hon Wangari Kigo

Residents who talked to have said due to her prowess, dedication and good will, delegation after delegation has approached her to vie for the Ward representative seat in next year’s polls.

‘Kaba Wa Kigo’ slogan has been the talk of town and villages in Kinyona which is also been widely used as members of family unit during dinner and early morning breakfast.

“She is Godsend, were it not for her, I don’t think I could have been vaccinated, we can only repay her through the ballot since we have no cash to reward her,” Jane Wanjiru a beneficiary said.

Nominated leaders at County Assembly level, and in both the National Assembly and Senate do not have any reason to commit themselves to the electorate since their allegiance is usually directed to the party that sponsored them unlike the elected who have to maintain their grassroots engagement and to have a nominated leader who is consistently  in the ground talk volumes.

Wangari Kigo mobilizes locals to get Covid-19 jabs

Wangari called on leaders to use their position and influence to mobilize locals to receive the jab as opposed to angling themselves for the next year’s polls.

She is concerned that efforts have shifted to the general elections as opposed to campaigning for the vaccination exercise.

“Elections will come and go, but the health of our people who will actually participate in the election is paramount, government and leaders should focus more on the vaccination drive,” she noted.

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Gracey Crucial
Gracey Crucial
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Kaba wa Kigo

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