The dilapidated bridge leading to MCA Esther Mwihaki’s home, who’s to blame?

By Joy Macharia

The bridge connecting Mwirua and Gathanji areas.

Residents of Gathanji village which comprises Kirima, Iria, King’ong’i will soon have to swim to cross to Gathanji from Mwirua after the bridge connecting the two areas broke down leaving the bridge in a state of disrepair.

Interestingly, that is the bridge that Mheshimiwa Esther Mwihaki Kamau use as she goes to her home and together with her electorate, the locals will have to either swim or use an alternative road which is 10 kilometers long in a journey that is only 3 kilometers.

The dilapidated state of the road has not only left the motorists helpless, but also locals who need to shop around and school going children will also have to be taught swimming lessons when school reopens in bid to use the road.

Residents who are ignorant that MCAs do not have a kitty for such activities want their MCA to lobby relevant agencies and governmental departments to have the bridge constructed to avert the looming danger which could claim lives.

“It is her duty to ensure that we have bridges to help us connect to other areas, she has a tittle that enables her to be opened doors at Kerra offices, MP Ndindi Nyoro’s offices and the County Government of Muranga offices,” James Kamande a resident from Gathanji said.

The locals also accused MP Nyoro and Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria of neglecting the bridge reminding them that although there was separation of duties and responsibilities, it is the same voter who votes for MCAs, MPs, Governors and other office bearers electable by the vote.

“Some will say that this is a County Government road others will claim that it ought to be done by Kerra but all are elected by one vote, all what we want is the bridge done, we shall thank and reward by a re-electing the leader who will come to our rescue,” Jane Muthoni added.

However a glimmer of hope may be beckoning after the MCA said she is still lobbying to have the bridge constructed.

“Im still lobbying to have the bridge done so that my people may not have to suffer, and soon I believe the issue will be sorted,” she added.

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