The road that accelerated hate and animosity between the late Michuki and JJ Kamotho is finally done

By Ndungu Gachane

Gitugi Mioro road the road accelerated hate between the late JJ Kamotho and John Michuki

The construction of Gitugi Mioro 40 Kilometer road is finally complete after 7 years.

The road that has been constructed by a local construction company ie Nyoro construction company Limited is arguably the best done road in Muranga.

The road connects Mioro village in Mathioya to Kangema Mathioya Road to connect Kangema, Kiria ni and Nyeri Counties and at the same town connects the users to Muranga town.

Mr Michael Kariuki from Nyoro construction company broke the news to media assuring citizens that they have got value for money.

Mr Michael Kariuki from Nyoro construction company. He said Kenyans have the value for money.

He explained that the Sh2.1 billion has taken long due to various factors like the terrain, change of design, unpredictable weather patterns and halting the construction of works due to interruption of other water pipes and electric poles.

“We have faced myriad of challenges which include weather patterns and the terrain, but we have overcome them and we have completed the road,” Mr Kariuki said.

He added that delay of disbursement of money by government has also contributed to delay of completion of the project.

The road was the subject of a heated debated in Parliament in 1990s between the late JJ Kamotho and John Michuki when the late Michuki demanded to know why it took government so long to construct the road.

The late Kamotho rose on a point of order informing the MPs that the road had been done but his colleague could not understand since he stayed in Nairobi and could not go home after being elected.

It was during the multi party politics and the late Michuki was in Opposition while the late Kamotho was at the nerve center of government.

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