University students from Muranga feeds the poor

By Allan Wanjiku

Members of Muranga University Students Association display food aid for the poor

University students from Muranga want government to establish structures to involve youth in the fight against Coronavirus.

The students under their association; Muranga Students Association (Musa) said youth are yearning to work with government and other partners to tame the Covid-19 pandemic that has continued to wreak havoc around the globe.

Led by the association officials,  Peter Muhia (Secretary General)Gibson Meddusa (Chairperson) and John Chege (Acting Treasurer) the students have demonstrated that they too are assets when it comes to cushioning the vulnerable who are worst hit by the pandemic.

They have been mobilizing communities and well wishers to consolidate food items for the poor to ensure that no one dies of hunger in bid to compliment government in its fight against Covid-19.

“Young people have realized that they have a critical part in the fight against the unseen enemy, we know that the spread of the virus is a threat to people livelihoods, development and stability,” the Secretary General said on Saturday after distributing the food stuffs to the disadvantaged.

The youth want government to establish structures to involve youth in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic

The youth called on the society to acknowledge that they are assets and future of the Kenyan nation and that the country depends on them.

They said youth represent energy, creativity and that they are beacons of hope that can support the community especially during the times of crisis.

They thanked well wishers who assisted them to feed locals who live below the poverty line.

Other than approaching well wishers the youth launched a WhatsApp food drive dubbed Hesabika to ensure that members of the group became part of the charity event.

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