Wa Ndutu discourages travels to up country to tame Covid-19 infections during festivities

By Ndungu Gachane

Dr Stanley Kamau of Ahadi Kenya hands over the bulls to Kiriaini and Kangema based mechanics

Kenyans living in towns have been discouraged from travelling upcountry in bid tame Covid-19 infections and to stop the spread of the virus to villages.

Ahadi Kenya CEO boss Dr Stanley Kamau alias Kamau Wa Ndutu who also doubles up as a Director at  Kenyatta National Hospital has pleaded with relatives of those living in villages to celebrate the Christmas and New year in a special way owing to the pandemic which has wreaked havoc around the globe.

Speaking at Kiriani town on Thursday when he donated bulls and bales of maize flour to mechanics of  Kiriaini and Kangema towns, Dr Kamau urged those in towns to send their gifts to their families through their phones to avoid contacts saying the move will contain the pandemic.

“We all understand that the celebrations have coincided with Covid-19 disease and we also know that the concentration is in towns, encouraging travels to upcountry may lead to increased Covid-19 cases to our mothers and brothers who live in villages and mostly aged and this may divert out attention come next year,” he said.

He advised that should there be more Coronavirus cases in villages, more efforts will not be put to paying school fees but catering to medical expenses a move that will continue harming the already stressed economy of the nation.

“If someone travels from Nairobi and infects his native with Covid-19, a whole village will be at risk of contracting the virus this will affect the productivity of our country given that we depend on agriculture from the upcountry,” he said.

He added that hospitals are already full to capacity and reminded Kenyans to continue observing the Ministry of Health guidelines like wearing masks, washing hands and observing social distance.

During the event, hundreds of mechanics received bales of maize flour and three bulls with Dr Kamau emphasizing their importance to the society due to their contributions in road safety.

Kamau Wa Ndutu handing over bales of unga to mechanics at Kiriaini

 “Mechanic is a profession that has been underrated by many but they are very important people whose work is the same with that of priests to save lives by ensuring vehicles are in good condition,” said Dr Kamau.

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