Wakili Edward Muriu launches an elaborate program to support people with disabilities in Muranga

By Ndungu Gachane

Kigumo resident receive a package from philanthropist Wakili Edward Muriu

Wakili Edward Muriu has launched an elaborate program to support People Living With Disabilities, aged and those with terminal diseases in Muranga County.

The philanthropist have started his initiative at Kigumo where between 2500 to 3000 families will be supported.

In his itinerary program, the underprivileged people from Kangari received his support on Wednesday while those in Kahumbu and Muthithi will have their day on Friday.

The program will also be reached out to residents of Kigumo and Kinyona Wards.

Speaking to our desk on Wednesday, Wakili Edward Muriu said he started the initiative after noting that most of the aged and those with disabilities no longer receive monthly support from government regularly.

“I have received requests from every corner of Muranga County and since sharing is caring decided to give the little I have to our friends, parents and colleagues on our society,” he said.

At the same time, the God sent lawyer appealed to government to also include disabled people, people with terminal diseases in their social support programs while at the same time to be sending the cash promptly to ensure that no person sleeps hungry.

Wakili Edward Muriu hands over a package to people living with disabilities

“While we laud government for the initiative which include Cash transfer program, Vulnerable older persons among others, I call on the relevant docket to also include people with terminal illnesses in the program since we have seen people selling their property to cater for the hefty medical bills, the relevant government ministry must also up its game and be sending the cash in due time,” He added.

Wakili Edward Muriu has been engaged in community development projects which entails uplifting ordinary peoples lives.

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